Monday, June 25, 2012

A forum of The UNIX School

Dear Unix School Subscribers,
   Something which I have been thinking for quite some time, to have a dedicated forum for our blog is now ready, The UNIX School Forum.This forum is a place where-in you can get all your doubts clarified on Shell Scripting, sed, awk, perl, etc. All the users who till now have been sending mails to clarify their queries can simply post a question here and get the answer. So, what are you waiting for? Simply go the forum tab and post a question. 

1. What is this UNIX School Forum?
      This forum is a place where you can post your questions or doubts and get the answers. And this is not just for Unix School subscribers, it is indeed for all Unix users.

2. What are the topics on which the questions can be asked?
     For now, the topics will be restricted on Unix command line stuff, shell scripting, sed, awk, perl,etc.

3. How long will it take for me to get an answer?
     You should get the answers in a fairly quick time. Since this is in its nascent stage, some queries can take time. However, over the time period, with more users participating, your questions should get answered quickly.

4. Can I only post questions or can I answer as well?
      You can very well answer the questions posted in the forum by other users. This way its a learning platform for all of us.

5. What kind of questions can be asked?
       Your questions can be like:
    • I have a file in which I want to delete the 2nd field.
    • How will I use the paste command to get this result?
    • I tried this, but it is not working. How to get it done?
6. What kind of questions should not be asked?
              Please keep in mind, this forum is there for all of us to help each other and share with each other, the small little things which we know. And this is not paid forum. This is absolutely free. And hence, demanding things such as "I need help right now", "I want a shell script for this requirement" should be avoided since this is not the place to get your homework done. For any help, we recommend you to try first on your own, and when you are stuck, then post in the forum for help.

7. What are the rules to be followed?
  • The questions should be to the point and should be very clear.
  • In cases where applicable, put a small sample file which might help people to understand.
  • Do not put huge files, it becomes very tough to understand.
  • Do not post vague questions which do not give any idea to the user.
  • Do not demand anything urgently.
  • Do not use foul language, or any sort of disrespect towards the forum members.

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