Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 important things to follow to be a fast learner

  Learning is a process, mandatory in every professional's life. When you get into an organization, you are always expected to learn faster and be productive soon. Is it that a person's learning is always proportional to his work experience OR can one learn faster? Let us see the 5 most important things for a professional which will help a person to learn faster in a work place:

1. Don't give up easily:  This is the most important of all the things one needs to follow. When you encounter a scenario wherein you are not able to solve something or not getting a solution, don't give up. Try as much as you can. Every time you feel like giving up, tell yourself every problem has a solution. Only when you finally feel you have tried your level best and need help now, go to your colleagues for help. Let me tell you the disadvantage of giving up early.