Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 most important reasons why a Unix developer should use VIM

  VIM is a text editor, an extension of vi.   VIM is called so because it has lot of Vi Improved features, and hence the name. We saw how to install VIM in one our earlier articles: VIM Installation. Let us see the 5 most compelling reasons why a UNIX developer should use VIM:

1.  File already open alert: Every Unix programmer will have at least one bad experience of overwriting a file which is being opened in  more than one terminal. This CANNOT happen in vim. If a file is opened in an terminal, when the same file is already opened in a different terminal, a warning message appears. This is very helpful feature for the programmers.

Monday, October 18, 2010

User Account & Shell

    When a new user account is created in UNIX, a lot of attributes are defined for the new user. The following are the ones :
  • User Name
  • User Id
  • Group Id
  • Home directory
  • Default Shell
   User name is the name given to the new user in the system. In any account, to find out the user who is currently working or logged in: