About The UNIX School

    The Unix School is a blog on Unix. This website will blog everything under Unix, such as Unix command line stuff, C Programming, Shell Scripting, awk/sed, Perl scripting, Python scripting, Unix Administration and definitely some soft skills.  The common saying is only 2% of the actual Unix is used by developers/system administrators.
    We are here to try and increase this number, to try to bring more niche features present in Unix and share it with all the UNIX School lovers. This blog will try to address issues which we face in our day to day activities, touch upon topics which improve our productivity. Your suggestions will be highly helpful for us. Feel free to leave your comments here

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About the Author

   I am Guru Prasad, working for a software company in Bangalore, India. I work on Unix, and I like working on Unix. I constantly keep trying things on Unix with the intention of exploring Unix more. I would like to share whatever I explore on Unix, and I love doing it. And I hope this blog will give me a good platform to do it. I am also learning, so I can also make mistakes. Do let me know when I do it :).

  For all the Unix lovers out there,  I would ask you to spend some time on a regular basis in the Unix.com or in StackOverflow forums which are the most popular ones. Unix.com is one of the top quality forums available in the web world. The amount of learning you do in these forums is something which cannot be taught in any school. I am privileged to be one of the Forum Advisors(UserId: guruprasadpr) of the Unix.com forum and an active contributor(UserId:Guru)  in StackOverflow.. 

  I also maintain another blog where I write about my experience's in lifeguru's

You  can write to me at guru@theunixschool.com

The UNIX School Forum

     A forum, The UNIX School Forum, is created which is for users to post their query and get their doubts cleared or answered. You can post any question related to shell scripting, basic commands of Unix, sed, awk, perl etc. In future, we will have lot more topics included in this which will help Unix users working on varied topics to get help.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog wherein I have documented my experience. All the opinions expressed here are my own, and not those of my employer. These are the methods which have worked best for me. I wish you try them once before you implement or deploy in production. All the best!!!