Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Linux For You - A magazine for Open Source techies

    Linux For You(LFY) or the OpenSource For You is the magazine which you should be having if you are a techy, especially for the ones working in Unix or Linux flavors. I accidentally got my hands on the magazine once, and made it a point to subscribe to it immediately.

  My 5 reasons why it is a must in your shelf:

1. Knowledge on Linux World: Linux is one such technology which has no limits. You keep learning, Linux keeps providing something new for you to satisfy your hunger. However, its not possible to learn everything by ourself through our experiments. It takes lot of time to learn anything by oneself. This magazine  is a place wherein you get lot of knowledge, good knowledge, in a short span of time. The topics covered can be of any programming language, scripting language, system administration stuff, apps programming stuff, review of any particular software, etc. Last but not the least, the articles always come with lots of explanation.

2. All important Open Source : Most of the softwares we use today are open source. I use Ubuntu for my desktop, and the rest of the software goes without saying. The fact is, the majority of the softwares coming up these days are open source, and the OpenSource storm has already taken the tech world in a different direction. This will lead to a day wherein each and every electronic item we use in our life will have something of open source associated to it. Hence, it is very important for us to be in the complete know-how of things. The articles on Open Source in the magazine could range from servers, networking, security, tools, etc.

3. Hot technologies in the market: Cloud computing, Big data, Hadoop are some of the trending technologies in the market. You like it or not, it cannot be avoided. Very soon, these terminologies are going to find a mention in our day to day life. You will always find dedicated articles on the latest market offerings in LFY. Getting exposed to new technologies will help us grow in this competitive market. Also,  a lot of coverage on the Android apps programming is provided which is a hot-cake today.

4. Utilities : Every developer or admin works on some utilities or the other. And the developer/admin is only aware about those utilities which he or she has come across. Come to LFY, you will see articles on quite a lot of utilities. Though we may not need to know too much about it, having a basic understanding of important ones will always keep us in good stead. Also, with every edition you get a CD of one of the Linux distros enclosed.

5. Career options: LFY has a section devoted for career options. This section takes up a hot career option in the market and talks about in detail, about the scope of it, the advantages of the technology, the different training institutes providing training on the technology and of course,the salary range for freshers who want to get into this segment. This section is very helpful for every techy, especially for those who are trying to shift to a new domain.

P.S : I subscribed to this magazine around 6 months back, and I can surely say I gained quite a bit of knowledge of the OpenSource market and its offerings. You always feel you are in sync with the OpenSource world which is more important in today's competitive market.

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