Sunday, March 7, 2010

VIM Installation

 This article tells you about the steps to install VIM in a UNIX box.  VIM is a very powerful tool when it comes to file editing. VIM works on top of vi. It has hundreds of features which will be handy for a everybody working in unix. There are hundreds of vim plugins available as well.  The following steps tells us the steps to install vim.

1. Download the latest vim version from the website:

2.  Unzip the vim file:
    #gunzip vim-7.2.tar.gz

   The file vim-7.2.tar got created.

3. Untar the tar file created in the previous step:
   #tar -xvf vim-72.tar

   A directory vim-72 would have got created.  Do a cd into the vim-72 directory.

4. Run the configure file .

    A make file would have got created.

5.  Before running the make file, ensure from the command prompt the variables $CC, $CFLGAGS and $LDFLAGS are unset.


  An exe with the name vim would have got created.

6.  Update the PATH variable to add the path where the vim exe is located.

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