awk & sed

awk and sed tutorials:
awk - Read and split file contents
awk - Passing arguments or shell variables to awk
awk - Match a pattern in a file in Linux
awk - Join or merge lines on finding a pattern
awk - 10 examples to group data in a CSV or a text file
awk - 10 examples to split a file into multiple files
awk - 10 examples to read files with multiple delimiters
awk - Accessing awk variables in shell
awk - 10 examples to insert / remove / update fields of a CSV file
gawk - Date and time calculation functions
gawk - Calculate time difference between timestamps

sed - Include or append a line to a file
sed - Replace or substitute file contents
sed - Read from a file or write into a file
sed - Selective Printing
sed - Replace or substitute file contents - Part 2
sed - 25 examples to delete a line or pattern in a file
sed - 10 examples to print lines in a file
sed - 10 examples to replace / delete / print lines of CSV file
sed - 20 examples to remove / delete characters from file

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